Kym Roberts

Kym Roberts a mindset mentor.

I use the breakthrough process of eutaptics®

FasterEFT™, NLP, Hypnotherapy & Neuroscience.

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The above techniques used together create, powerful changes and long lasting effects to a peaceful way of being.

"If you keep worrying about what you don't want, focusing on it, looking out for it, and replaying it over and over again then you're giving it more power to control your life! Worry is a powerful affirmation. Change the reasons why and you'll stop the madness!" Robert G Smith


The easiest way to make changes to your thinking system. Which will put you in a new direction.

About Me

eutaptics® changed my life

Hello I am Kym Roberts. I am a level 4 upper-level practitioner with the skills to change Institute. I am here to support you and release what’s holding you back from living your most satisfying and natural way of being. I will help to facilitate your emotional & physical well-being. I will support you all the way from day one enabling you to live in your truth.

This is my passion I use neuroscience, mind-body techniques to transform limiting beliefs into a new way of thinking feeling. The conscious and subconscious mind hold every memory since birth good or bad. The mind is like a junk monkey. It loves to hold onto your past traumas! My role helps you let go of all of the garbage that you want to let go of, and replace it with a vision that holds true for you.

I am here to facilitate your journey to change to self-empowerment on a wider scale. You will feel and be free.

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I am looking forward to be with you on your new journey. Book a 30 minute exploration call. Let’s talk about what you would like to change in your life. Meet and chat and work out which of my packages tailored would fit your needs.

How eutaptics®  can help you

eutaptics® focuses on your subconscious mind and not on the issue, which means it focuses on the root causes instead of the symptom. It’s fast, easy to learn and effective. It can be used on anything stress related health - wealth and finances.

eutaptics® causes a disruption in the programmed biological and neurological response. It helps to promote a happy brain, first activating mental healing and to overcome the smallest to complex problems in life. It results in an automatic change in behaviour health and circumstances.

If you know you want to change direction in your life. I can assist you all the way from changing your mind to changing your world

This is a list of issues i have worked with

Abandonment issues

Childhood traumas /Adult traumas

Sexual abuse










Life Story

I had tried eft and often tapped with a friend and it seemed to make a few changes. A friend saw (Robert G Smith) on YouTube talking about FasterEFT™. I watched some of the videos back in 2016 - 2017 and I signed for a heal your body seminar in Germany and was so intrigued by Roberts teachings and his knowledge on how the mind works and why we have problems.

I studied with institute of skills to change for four years and graduated as a professional level 4 practitioner in September 2022. How eutaptics® has changed my life. I’m more confidence when speaking up in front of people. I feel I’m I worthy, I like myself, I accept my older wiser self.

Grief and loss
FasterEFT™ changed my sad memories into a happy one. In 2020 I sadly lost my own daughter Lisa to suicide she was 38. I was offered the usual grief counselling, which I had but it wasn’t helping me to make changes and move on in life.
I was offered two grief and loss sessions with a fellow practitioner. I found after the second session I was able to only remember the good times we had together. I had re imprinted (which means changing a bad memory and replacing it with a positive memory).
Whenever I think of my beautiful daughter I can smile and cherish the good.
I am available via video call or in person. I am kind honest, and funny. I speak English.
I also offer crystal therapy tarot and pyschic readings and mediumship.

eutaptics®   is not a substitute for medical advice. You should consult your physician or mental health practitioner if you have any questions or concerns about whether or not to use these methods and techniques.

You should consult a physician in all matters relating to your health, and in particular in respect to any symptoms that may require diagnosis or medical attention.

Contact Me

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Kym, you're an angel!! I love how successful our sessions have been!! We've conquered obstacles that I've been challenged with for over 10 years. I appreciate your natural talents, your ability to listen to my concerns and leave me in such a positive state after we're through. Thank you so very much


First of all I like to thank you for all the sessions you helped me addressing the issues I was struggling with, so I could make changes in my life. We shifted a lot of emotional trauma’s, and you did in a way I felt safe and secure and we had fun in the meantime.


What a cool and wonderful women! To hear Kym’s own personal story, changes and obstacle she overcame really makes you feel powerful and aware of how much is possible. Kym is a skilled practitioner and has great ability to make you feel relaxed and comfortable during the whole session. She listens to your needs with a warm heart and compassion. I highly recommend taking session with Kym for your own personal growth and development.

Ruzica Berggren
I trusted Kym Roberts to help me navigate 2 difficult family challenges I had.  A very skilled practitioner, she kept me at ease with really good humor while still being able to methodically help me cleanly dig to identify the root(s) of my problem and helped me to weed them out. As a result, I had the family conversations I needed to have and accomplished both outcomes I sought to achieve.   I highly recommend her skill at navigation to help get one to solutions and move on empowered in their life.
Lorraine Allen, USA